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January 21, 2013
By Joel Avrunin "Electrical Engineer who loves Science, History, Economics, and Literature"
Play-Doh Plus - more delicate, a little sticky, hard to clean up, easier to extrude,
I have family full of kids who love their Play-Doh, and when we recently got the Play-Doh Sweet Shoppe Frosting Fun Bakery Playset, it came with two samples of the Play-Doh Plus.

It said it was easier to extrude for making fine details similar to decorations. The kids were eager to see what they could accomplish with this cool new stuff in the neat purple tubs.

To describe it, it feels a little more dry than regular Play-Doh, with a bit of a stickiness to it and less a tendency to adhere to itself. When we put it in the extruder tube, it came out easily (not as hard to push through as regular play-doh) and held its shape. However, it was hard to clean out of the tube later because it tended to coat the sides with a thin layer of Play-Doh.

Normally you can use a ball of Play-Doh to "pick up" loose pieces, but we were surprised to find that the loose pieces didn't adhere to the ball of Play-Doh that well.

All in all, I didn't see the point, but my son asked me to buy him more of it! If you want to make very realistic frosting for some reason, it seems like it is a good solution and works well.

But for general fun and enjoyment, just stick with the classic.

Carolina Mommy -
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My 3 year old loves regular play dough but has several problems using it. One is that she is not strong enough to roll it out with her rolling pin and the other is that she tends to forget to put it away so it hardens and dries more and more so every time she uses it. 
 The Play Doh Plus is perfect for her because she can easily manipulate it and enjoys the colors. We left it out last night and came back in the morning and it was just as soft as ever. In terms of messiness, not sure about some other reviewers but I just have a drop cloth under her craft table and a plastic ikea table and chair. 
No major clean up ever. I recommend this product if your child is not planning on saving their creations.