Play-doh Sesame Street Color Mixer

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Since our daughter turned two (She is three now) she has played with Play Doh. Some of the playsets are a little too advanced (Like the Play Doh Disney Prettiest Princess Castle) while others are a little to basic (Like the Play Doh Disney Princess Rapunzel Crown Create Set), however the Play Doh Sesame Street Color Mixer is almost perfect. It is fun, educational, and easy enough to use that little hands can manipulate the crank. The Color Mixer allows you to make, and teach your child, how the three primary colors can make other colors - our daughter was fascinated.


- Comes with three cans of Play Doh, Yellow, Red, Blue which allows you to make Orange, Green, and Purple.
- Making the colors is easy, but it does take about 30 seconds of constant crank turning. In addition, it helps if you put it in a second time to help blend in any spots of the primary colors that remain.
- You can make a variety of shapes - grapes, orange slices, the sun, tomatoes, and an apple.
- Elmo helps to point out the various shapes and colors - he also plays "Pop Goes the Weasel" while you turn the crank
- No volume settings - Elmo only has one volume, and while it is not overly loud no one will ever call it quiet.
- Requires 2 AA for the sound - it will work without the batteries.... but Elmo will remain blissfully quiet!
- Comes with an interactive picture mat so that you can find the shapes in the picture and make the shapes.
- Clean-up is easier than I expected - there really aren't any nooks or crannies for the Play Doh to get stuck in - so clean up is easy.

Final Verdict- The Play Doh Sesame Street Color Mixer is an ideal toy for any child who likes Sesame Street or if they have a Natural curiosity about colors - Recommended.

By StaceySales
We 1st found out about the Sesame Street Color Mixer while watching Elmo videos on Youtube. We knew it was one gift that we needed to get for Christmas. It was a little higher priced than I thought it would be, however it was the favorite gift of the holidays. We've been getting plenty of play time with it. 


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