Diggin Rigs Power Crane-Play Doh

February 16, 2013
By CKE (USA) -

What do you get when you combine Tonka Trucks with Play Doh? You get the Play Doh Diggin Rigs Tonka Chuck and Friends Playsets. That is more than a mouthful, but it does describe this combination of the construction feel of Tonka Trucks with imaginative play of Play Doh.

Bustet the Power Crane may be the *King* of the Play Doh Diggin Rigs. Buster is a talking crane that comes with 10 separate attachments. Typically I cringe when I see Play Doh toys with multiple accessories because they always get lost. Buster the Power Crane actually stores most of his attachments onboard - making storage and clean-up considerably easier.

I mentioned that Buster the Power Crane talks, but there is a limited number of phrases, and in fact you may be better off just removing the batteries altogether. I am not sure how much more excitement having Buster *talk* actually adds.

Notes -

- Buster's wheels do roll, so he is not just a stationary toy.

- The Crane is a bit awkward in use and Buster has a tendency to fall over. To me this was the biggest negative of the toy.

- The Crane comes with both a wrecking ball and a drill attachment. The wrecking ball is pretty cool but we had difficulty finding a purpose for the drill.

- The crane can also has two stomp paver attachments

- The Cab and the part of the side remove to become Play Doh presses.

- Comes with a roller for rolling asphalt (but the roller is a little too light so it does not work too well) and a cutting tool.

- Includes four 3 oz cans of Play Doh - Black (asphalt), Red, Silver, and Tan

Final Verdict - Buster the Power Crane is an excellent first edition to any child who is interested in the Play Doh Diggin Rigs. Some of the other toys lack features, but if you buy Buster the Power Crane first it is easy to add on additional pieces of construction equipment (like Sam the Scoop or Chomper the Escavator).

July 24, 2012
By Sarah Flanagan -

The Play-Doh Diggin Rigs Power Crane is a very fun building toy for both boys and girls. I have a daughter and she absolutely loves it! The playdoh itself comes in darker colors so you can make brick and dirt looking type items. And the crane makes fun building sounds and has lights too. It also includes 10 tools that help you either cut, press, roll, build, and knock down just like a construction set. Overall it's very fun and not very messy too!
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July 9, 2013
By Susan Burns - 

Bought for our four year old grandson. He takes it every where. Plenty of attachments and he likes it to talk to him
Well worth the money.

May 27, 2013
By gilenh20 "gilenh20" - My 4 year old is obsessed with everything construction! He received this set as a gift for his birthday and has requested to play with it multiple times a day ever since! I do wish it came with larger containers of construction colors but he doesn't mind using the regular colors with it (I also wish they sold more of the construction colors separately but I can't seem to find them anywhere).

May 10, 2013
We just got this for our 5yo birthday along with the brick mill to add to his excavator. Although it was a little pricey to me I'm glad we got it. Its bigger than I'd expected and he loves to make his construction sites. It seems pretty durable and I know he's gonna love the new addition!
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March 15, 2013
By R. M. Roberts (Springfield, IL USA) - Our son received this for his third birthday. He play with it the first day for 4.5 hours straight -- no breaks. The tools fit cleverly into the truck, and he enjoyed each in turn -- the hand roller, rolling cutter, and a couple of stamping tools to make patio-styles bricks.the eyebrows remove and make another press to form single and double bricks for stacking. The wrecking ball isn't very functional, because it only forms a giant ball inside and, if you want to knock down a wall, you'd spend a lot of time building blocks, and he didn't have the patience for that.

Perhaps it's best to couple this with other construction toys in this line. The steam roller is fun, and our son used his Chuck to carry blocks made by this crane.

March 15, 2013
By Carolyn Henderson - gets played with all the time, in addition to all the other playdoh sets my grandson owns...just yesterday, had a play date and playdoh was the favorite play thing
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5.0 out of 5 stars great toy, March 14, 2013
By mil This toy is great. It is great to play with. We play with it every day for last 3 days.